Over the seven years of practicing as a manual therapist, Susan noticed the changes in her own skin after using different types & qualities of massage oils and balms; some products made the skin thin, dry and flaky, others retained moisture and appeared not to interfere with the natural balance of oil production of her own skin’s oils glands.

As the skin acts as a barrier, and a first defense in the body’s immune system, it is important to Susan that the products used in her treatment session should also become an additional therapy that, like the manual therapies Susan practices, complements the balance of the body’s own natural environments.

In her search for the best product range to use at HAVEN, Susan discovered UnMei ………


UnMei is produced in France, a country renowned for it’s history in aromatherapy and skincare. All of the oils, and other essential ingredients, used in UnMei products, are selected for their high quality, and each can be tracked to their original source – this enables, not only a guarantee of the quality, but also supports organic and good farming standards, environmentally, economically & ethically