Manual Lymph Drainage is a light rhythmical massage technique to drain excess lymph fluid.

Most clients find the treatment very relaxing and helpful in treating the following conditions: –

  • Stress management * Pain management * Sleep management
  • Non- infected inflammation management * Scar tissue reduction 
  • Management of skin problems  (including ache & eczema)
  • Relief for *sinusitis * muscle tension * headaches
  • Management of repetitive strain injuries 
  • Improvement of bowel movement and relief of bowel irritation
  • Management for primary & secondary oedemas   


Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Dr. Vodder method, is a specialised technique to stimulate uptake of excess fluid that has collected between the individual cells of the body; therefore, increasing removal rate of body metabolic wastes and improving the fluid flow through the lymphatic vessels.  This therapy helps to boost the immune system as the fluid passes through lymph nodes and promotes repair rate of damaged body tissues such as the skin.


Additional benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage include management of pain, sleep and stress due to the light, rhythmic movements associated with the Vodder method; further benefits include reduction of possible occurrence of secondary complications produce from prolonged stress response, pain, and inflammation.  Application of MLD to the abdominal region can also help stabilise movement within the large & small intestines, as well as, increase the flow of fat-based nutrients from the digestive tract into the circulation of the body.