The main work focuses at HAVEN are to help and educate professionals, who rely on being in good physical health to be able to work & perform continuously and at optimum levels.

SgB’s own life experiences enable her to have a broader understanding of her clients’ needs and uses her knowledge, and variety of skills, when considering the most appropriate treatment plan for each individual.


These include:-


  • Childhood & youth in performing arts, playing piano (now also plays guitar), and painting.
  • Early working years in banking and finance long hours sitting in front of a computer screen.
  • Managing Stress & tension whilst studying for exams and meeting assignment deadlines.
  • As a therapist, to treat, prevent injuries and maintain optimum health in order to work.
  • Live, work, train in 4x countries (Australia, Austria, England & Denmark)                          = long journeys travelling on a plane or driving a car – need to be fresh on arrival.